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六月, 2019

Wine Country Table book spines


Experience the bounty of California in Wine Country Table, a gorgeous new cookbook showcasing everything the Golden State grows—from asparagus and avocados to winegrapes. The book highlights farms and wineries that are leaders in sustainability, with 50 California-fresh recipes that will make you eager to cook.

“Whether you enjoy visiting the wine country, are a lover of great food and sumptuous wine, or take pleasure in leafing through a beautiful book, this one is for you.”
—Joanne Weir, chef and author of Kitchen Gypsy, and host of Joanne Weir’s Plates & Places on PBS.

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The Pour

Which Wine?

California Merlot has supple, soft tannins that work well with sweet duck breast. Plus, the wine’s aromas (cherry and plum are common descriptors) echo the fruit in the dish. Napa Valley’s cooler appellations—such as Carneros and Oak Knoll—produce outstanding, fruit-forward Merlots, but Sonoma’s Alexander Valley and Monterey County are also premier growing sites.

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The Recipe


Cooking duck breasts slowly, skin side down, helps eliminate almost every speck of fat. After about 20 minutes, the skin will be crisp and the flesh as rosy and tender as a fine steak. A silky port and cherry sauce makes this a restaurant-caliber dish. Serve with spring new potatoes or wild rice.

Wine suggestion: 本內蘇維濃(Cabernet Sauvignon)或梅洛(Merlot)紅酒

Duck with Cherry Sauce



  • 8 顆杜松子
  • 2 茶匙切碎的新鮮百里香
  • 2 茶匙粗鹽或海鹽
  • 1 茶匙黑胡椒
  • 4 份去骨鴨胸肉,每份約 1⁄2 磅(250克)


  • 1 杯(250 毫升)金粉黛波特酒(Zinfandel Port)或寶石紅波特酒(ruby port)
  • 一顆紅蔥,切碎
  • 3 枝新鮮百里香
  • 1 顆柳橙量的皮,以蔬果削皮器剝皮
  • 1 湯匙義大利黑醋
  • 24 顆櫻桃,去籽並切半
  • 1⁄2 杯(125 毫升)香濃雞湯,從1 杯量(250 毫升)濃縮而成
  • 1⁄2 茶匙糖
  • 粗鹽或海鹽和現磨黑胡椒
  • 1 湯匙無鹽奶油



在每塊鴨胸外皮上劃割成交叉紋路狀,請勿切到鴨肉。(交叉紋路狀有助煎出脂肪。)在每塊鴨胸的兩面均勻地撒上醃料。將鴨胸放置在扁平的架子上,並將架子放在托盤內。不蓋上蓋子冷藏 24 至 36 小時。烹煮前放置成室溫。

選擇一個耐用且足夠容納所有鴨胸的平底煎鍋。(如果不想要太擠,請使用兩個平底煎鍋。)把鴨胸帶皮面朝下置於未加熱的平底煎鍋上,設定為中低火侯。把外皮煎至變得焦黃酥脆,約 15 分鐘左右,頻繁地將油脂倒出直到外皮不再大量冒油為止。(喜歡的話,可把油脂留著煎馬鈴薯。)

將鴨胸翻面讓肉面朝下繼續煎,接著用夾子翻起鴨胸,讓暴露的肉面鎖住肉汁,直到即時讀取溫度計上顯示胸肉內部溫度為華氏 125 度(攝氏 52 度)為止,約 3 分鐘之久。將鴨胸移到砧板上,在切片前靜置 5 分鐘。

在煎煮鴨胸時,製作醬料:用一個小湯鍋,聯合波特酒、紅蔥、百里香、橙皮、醋,以及一半份量的櫻桃。以中火煮沸,之後再用文火慢煮至水分降為 3/4 杯(180 毫升)為止。加入濃湯和糖燜煮直到醬汁量再度降為 3/4 杯(180 毫升)為止。關掉爐火,然後用夾子夾出醬汁內的百里香枝和橙皮並丟掉。

把醬汁放進果汁機打糊。把一個細篩濾網放在湯鍋上,篩過醬汁,用橡皮刮刀把固體部分壓一壓。回到中火,用鹽和胡椒調味,並以文火燜煮直到水分降為 1/2 杯(125 毫升)為止。加入剩下的另一半櫻桃量,並關火起鍋。加入奶油並把鍋子旋轉一轉讓奶油融化。


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