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四月, 2019

Tablas Creek Goats


Did you know that California is a global leader in sustainable winegrowing? Wineries statewide are celebrating their commitment to sustainability throughout April. Explore Down to Earth Month and the wide range of fun and educational public events on offer from eco-tours, tastings of earth-friendly wines, winery Earth Day parties, vineyard hikes and more. Can’t make the trip? Open a bottle of your favorite California wine and toast our commitment to green from grapes to glass.

The Pour

Which Wine?

California Pinot Noir has generous fruit aromas (think raspberry and cherry), lively acidity and plenty of depth—just the ticket for this boldly seasoned chicken dish. Premier AVAs (appellations) for Pinot Noir include Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, Los Carneros, Santa Lucia Highlands and Santa Rita Hills, but you will find elegant Pinot Noirs from cool-climate areas throughout the state.

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The Recipe


Spain’s smoky pimentón gives these succulent chicken thighs a deep, ruddy color as they roast on a bed of sliced red onion and sliced Meyer lemon. You’ll want to serve every drop of the garlicky pan juices. The soft citrus slices can be eaten or not, as you prefer. Pat the spice rub on the chicken in the morning or even the day before.

Wine suggestion: 加州卡本內蘇維濃(Cabernet Sauvignon)或梅洛(Merlot)紅酒


  • 4 隻帶骨帶皮的雞腿,總重約 1 1⁄2 磅(750 克)
  • 1 湯匙特級初榨橄欖油


  • 1 1⁄2 茶匙粗鹽或海鹽
  • 1 1⁄2 茶匙乾燥奧勒岡葉,碾碎
  • 1 1⁄2 茶匙蒜頭粉
  • 1 1⁄2 茶匙 pimentón de la Vera(西班牙煙燻紅椒粉)
  • 1 顆梅爾檸檬,去除兩端後,再切成薄片
  • 1 小顆紫洋蔥,切半然後由外緣往核心方向切成薄片
  • 24 顆綠橄欖(任選)


用橄欖油塗抹全部雞腿。把所有抹料放進一個小碗裡攪拌均勻。雞腿兩邊各撒上抹料。把抹上調味料的雞腿放在一個有烤架的托盤上,不加蓋放進冰箱冷藏 8 至 24 小時。在進行燒烤前 30 分鐘把雞腿從冰箱內取出。把一個烤架放進分為三層的烤箱上層位置,並預熱至華氏 425 度(攝氏 220度)。挑一個大小足夠容納所有雞腿而不致重疊的淺底烤盤。把檸檬和洋蔥片一起放進烤盤,並拌在一起。讓其在烤盤底部平鋪後,再把雞腿直接放上去。

讓雞腿烤 20 分鐘,接著淋上盤底湯汁。讓雞腿持續烤到皮完全變成褐色並且發脆,且洋蔥和檸檬正要開始焦糖化為止,約 20 分鐘之久。若要使用綠橄欖,在雞肉烤熟之前 10 分鐘加進去。

讓雞肉靜置 15 分鐘好讓湯汁充分吸收後再開始享用。

4 人份

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