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Inland Valleys

Lodi and the Delta

加州淘金熱為Lodi帶來了葡萄釀酒的技術。在美國禁酒令期間,多虧農民在法律認可下仍能保持他們的自家的釀酒技術,使Lodi葡萄酒產業得以持續蓬勃發展。今天的Lodi生產出最優質的Zinfandel就是當時得以延續下來的葡萄樹。 請前往 →
Lodi and the Delta wineries

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Events in Lodi and the Delta

Acquiesce Winery Sustainable Vineyard Tour

Thursday, January 1

Acquiesce Winery, Acampo

Educational Vineyard and Winery tour highlighting Lodi Rules Sustainable Farming Program. Vineyard Manager, Owner and Winemaker lead the tour. Lunch and wine provided.

Cost: $25 per person

Address & Location:
Acquiesce Winery, 22353 North Tretheway Road, Acampo, CA

Phone: (209) 333-6102



Details: The heart of the Acquiesce all white wine program is the Lodi Rules sustainable farming system and this educational tour is led by vineyard Manager, Aaron Shinn of Round Valley Ranches. Participants will walk the vineyard gaining an understanding of pest management, pruning, tying, shade canopy and irrigation program to name a few. The tour will be followed by an overview of the wine making process and a full tasting of Acquiesce premium wines led by Owner and Winemaker Susan Tipton. To close the event there will be a box lunch with Susan paired with two of her unique wines.