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Sonoma County

Sonoma有很多特別的地方,其中一個是它的Pinot Noir量產勝於其他縣區。美食農場和葡萄園晚餐在這裡很常見、也是當地人對美味葡萄酒、本土飲食文化和熱愛大自然的一種展現。 請前往 →

Sonoma County wineries

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Events in Sonoma County

Sunday Social Club Supper

Wednesday, November 25

Emeritus Vineyards, Sebastopol

Sunday supper is a time friends and family gather for a special meal. Decompress before the upcoming week with a menu by special guest chef!

Address & Location:
Emeritus Vineyards, 2500 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA

Phone: (707) 823-9463



Details: A virtual event. Sunday supper is a time for multiple generations of friends and family to gather around the table to a special meal. We’re offering a chance to decompress and prepare for the upcoming week with a Virtual Sunday Social Club Supper, with a menu designed by a special guest chef! RSVP here as soon as possible; an ingredients list will be emailed to guests a week in advance: