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當您敞揚在San Francisco的Golden Gate Bridge迎接您的會是風景優勝的Central Coast頂部。接著的500公里(300英里),天氣會從變化無常轉為溫和的氣候。這樣的氣候變化最適合葡萄酒的培製和衝浪活動。這裡的葡萄是加州最早種植的葡萄之一,是由方濟會修士在18世紀末期時往北傳道中的El Camino(“王者之路”,現在的101號公路)開始種植的。
Central Coast of California

Central Coast Wineries

213 wineries

Events in Central Coast

ROAR Block Party (Virtual), Monterey

Four pioneers of California Pinot Noir discuss the beginnings of ROAR Wines & Vineyards.

Cost: Free Registration

Address & Location:, Online Experience, Monterey, CA

Phone: (831) 675-1681



Details: Join Gary Franscioni for a special roundtable event featuring Pinot Noir titans Chuck Wagner, Michael Browne & Adam Lee. This one hour discussion will dive deep into the stories that have bonded them and explore wine paradigms that have shaped California Pinot Noir to become the world renowned wine that it is today.